The company was started by Lawrence Edward West after WWII. West was a pharmacist and owned one of the oldest chemists in the City of London.


The UK government in 1958 introduced a law whereby ships had to carry a fully stocked medical locker at all times. Post war, the Thames and its wharfs were still bustling with cargo and the captains of the day would literally walk into the pharmacy to procure their medical stores. After a number of years of growing his reputation in the maritime business, Mr. West decided to sell his retail pharmacy and open a dedicated marine medical supply operation in East London.


Up until 1995 the merchant marine business was the companyʼs main focus. When Mr. West retired in 1995, the new management team started expanding the customer base into the Cruise line and Yachting industries as well as Oil and Gas and Private Security Services around the world.


Further growth soon arrived domestically with new clients such as the NHS, Paramedics, Police and Fire Services as well as Dental Practices who were impressed by the teamsʼ ability to procure and deliver almost any item imaginable.


Another milestone was reached in 2005 which saw the launch of a new website www.le-west.co.uk that now turns over £1M a year, drawing customers from around the world.


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